ChildVoice International is a non-profit organization seeking to restore the voices of children silenced by war by raising awareness, promoting research and facilitating effective, sustainable interventions. Working in partnership with local organizations and community leaders, the organization works to ensure that programs meet the needs of affected populations with efficiency and effectiveness. The children served by ChildVoice International and partnering grassroots organizations include former child soldiers, children orphaned by war, and those left destitute by rebel activity. The organization operates a comprehensive program in Northern Uganda, including a rehabilitation center for formerly abducted girls and their children, a primary school and a health center.

“The girl child is often the silent and invisible victim in wars and conflicts, such as the LRA conflict in northern Uganda. Increasingly, girls are being exploited by rebel and military leaders at earlier ages and for more brutal uses, such as sexual slavery, chattel for trafficking, and as armed combatants. If she survives, this exploitation of girls often precipitates a tragic two generation impact – the girl herself and the children she bears. ChildVoice recognizes that for the survivors, the resulting psychosocial and stigmatization impacts require long term, far-reaching attention with a particular emphasis on sanctuary, psychosocial counseling, education, skill building, and reintegration support.” – Conrad Mandsager, President and CEO, ChildVoice International

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