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Beijing + 20

Beijing +20: Equal Laws for a Equal World

A country’s laws set the tone for how it treats its people, and how its people treat each other.

When its laws are unfair - when they discriminate on the basis of sex - cultural inequality and violence against women are legitimised, and become endemic.

We are committed to holding governments accountable for changing or removing their unfair laws, creating a better world for women and girls.

Women Can’t Wait!

Women Can't Wait! is a heartfelt and humorous performance that highlights the consequences of unequal legal treatment of women and girls and the progress we've made to end it.

It is written and performed here by prize-winning playwright, activist and Equality Now Advisory Board Member, Sarah Jones, at the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in 2015.

It includes opening remarks by Equality Now Global Executive Director, Yasmeen Hassan, and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, Lakshmi Puri, and is introduced by actor, author, activist and Equality Now Adolescent Girls’ Legal Defense Fund Advisory Board Member, Jane Fonda.


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