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Alyssa Oravec

Legal Fellow, Americas Office


Alyssa Oravec has been awarded a Public Service Venture Fund fellowship to work with Equality Now in New York. During her time at Harvard Law School, Alyssa took part in three clinics: the International Human Rights Clinic, Making Rights Real: the Ghana Project, and the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic. She was the Vice President and Treasurer of the Student Practice Organization HLS Advocates for Human Rights. She also led a project for her SPO on reducing sexual violence in prisons in South Africa, Zambia, and Malawi. During her first law school summer, Alyssa worked on the right to health with KELIN in Nairobi, Kenya. She split her next summer between Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights in Harare, Zimbabwe and Equality Now in New York. Prior to law school, Alyssa was a Peace Corps volunteer and worked for John Snow, Inc. in Zambia. She received her undergraduate degree from Georgia Southern University in Business Management.

Alyssa was inspired to advocate for human rights, particularly women's and girls' rights, while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia. Alyssa believes the law can play a vital role in the fight for gender equality by addressing systemic issues that keep women and girls from realizing their full potential and by holding governments accountable for violations of women's rights.

When she's not using the law to advocate for women's and girl's rights, Alyssa enjoys traveling, reading, and playing board games.


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