Protecting children from sexual violence in Kenya demands legal action (Women News Network)

June 24, 2014 - 07:45

6/24/2014 -- Women News Network -- "Protecting children from sexual violence in Kenya demands legal action"

In late June 2013, the world was outraged by the story of Liz who was brutally gang-raped in western Kenya while walking home from a funeral, left to die in a pit latrine, and suffered an obstetric fistula as a result of the attack. Equality Now joined in the global campaign dubbed ‘Justice for Liz’, inviting the world to exert pressure for the arrest and prosecution of the six suspects. Yet so far, only one suspect has been arrested, while the remaining five are at large, despite reports from the community that their whereabouts are known. Initially, three had been apprehended, but the police officer on duty recorded the attack as an “assault” after failing to carry out a proper investigation, and ordered them to cut grass outside the police station before they were released from custody. [read more...]