Is the End in Sight for Female Genital Mutilation? (National Geographic)

July 26, 2013 - 11:00

7/26/2013 -- National Geographic -- "Is the End in Sight for Female Genital Mutilation?" National Geographic speaks with Equality Now's Efua Dorkenoo about the struggle to end FGM:

"In the areas where FGM is going down, it has been addressed in a violence against women framework. It's a gender power control issue, and it is not something you can just educate people out of. It requires people to think that if they do it, there are ramifications. We cannot just rely on people's good will ... You would expect that after heavy, heavy investment by United Nations agencies, we should have seen some significant drop, but we haven't. It just shows that community mobilization and education are not enough to stop FGM". [read more...]