Gender equality, sexual exploitation, and the Nordic model (The Guardian)

December 26, 2012 - 11:15

12/26/2012 -- The Guardian -- "Government under pressure to review prostitution laws in England and Wales"; London Office Director Jacqui Hunt on gender equality and sexual exploitation.

An increasing number of countries are recognising that true gender equality can never be reached as long as it is considered acceptable for one more powerful segment of society to purchase the bodies of those members whose options are much more limited....It is no accident that three of the top four countries with the highest level of gender equality have adopted the Nordic model as a way to combat sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. We are urging all governments, including the UK, to adopt legislation on prostitution, to promote the core principle of equality so the exploitation of women and girls can become a thing of the past.
--Jacqui Hunt, London Director of Equality Now.