Kidnappers jailed for forcing Liberian woman to undergo FGM in Liberia (TrustLaw)

12 March 2013

3/12/2013 -- TrustLaw -- "Kidnappers jailed for forcing Liberian woman to undergo FGM"; Efua Dorkenoo discusses progress in the case of Ruth Berry Peal and the urgent need for continued action.

“At this crucial point, we call on Liberia and all other countries where FGM is legal to enact a law which prohibits the practice as a matter of urgency and which fully safeguards the fundamental human rights of girls," said Efua Dorkenoo, FGM advocacy director at international rights group Equality Now.

Dorkenoo said it was particularly important to raise Berry Peal’s case internationally as the climate of fear in Liberia has silenced the country’s media. [Read more...]