Discrimination in Law

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>> GLOBAL: End Child Marriage
>> SAUDI ARABIA: Protect don’t prosecute women’s rights activists
>> MOROCCO: Enact legal reforms to strengthen punishments for sexual violence & prevent child marriage
>> SAUDI ARABIA: End child marriages and male guardianship over women
>> GLOBAL: Amend all sex discriminatory nationality & citizenship laws
>> JORDAN: Give women equal citizenship rights to men
>> LEBANON: Give women equal citizenship rights to men under the nationality law
>> SAUDI ARABIA: Repeal Fatwa on Women's Driving of Automobiles
>> GLOBAL: Repeal sex discriminatory laws around the world

Equal treatment of women and men under the law is necessary for women and girls to realize their full potential and enjoy equal rights and opportunities with men. Laws that discriminate against women not only impede gender equality but also send a message that the state considers women to be on a lower footing than men.

Amending discriminatory laws may not eliminate discrimination and enacting laws that promote gender equality may not automatically create equality. However, without laws that promote and safeguard the rights of women and girls, they remain vulnerable and lack the government support and legal standards necessary for equality.

Equality Now calls for the repeal of all laws that discriminate against women in accordance with international and regional human rights standards, and for women's access to justice at all levels.

Other Equality Now initiatives under Discrimination in Law:

>> Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

>> Leveson Inquiry: Challenging Representations of Women in the UK Media

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