Equality Action Network

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Equality Now’s global membership, the Equality Action Network, is the driving force behind our campaign work. Consisting of more than 35,000 individuals and organizations in over 160 countries around the world, the Equality Action Network is a formidable vehicle advocating for the advancement of women’s and girls’ rights. As members of the Equality Action Network, individuals and organizations voice their opposition to abuses against women in letter-writing campaigns and petitions targeted at governments, and by raising awareness within their communities.

Since our inception, government officials in countries targeted in our campaigns have reported on the influx of letters they have received from around the world as a result of our campaigns. Letters from the Equality Action Network matter and have played a crucial role in putting pressure on governments to pass or implement laws and policies that protect the rights of women and girls.

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Equality Action Network members stay informed and active through Actions and Urgent Alerts, which draw attention to human rights violations against women and girls in a particular country or region, often highlighting an individual case that illustrates the severity and pervasiveness of the abuse. All Actions and Urgent Alerts are issued in Arabic, English, French and Spanish to promote broader access to information and to encourage extensive grassroots activism.