UK hospitals must treat FGM as child abuse (Thomson Reuters)

Novembre 4, 2013 - 13:00

11/4/2013 -- Thomson Reuters -- "UK hospitals must treat FGM as child abuse - report" Advocacy Director, FGM Program Efua Dorkenoo discusses new report released by the Intercollegiate Group (Equality Now, Royal Colleges of Midwives, Nursing and Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and UNITE) and its partners on tackling FGM in the UK.

Efua Dorkenoo, FGM campaigner at rights group Equality Now, who helped draft the report, said it was “intolerable” that young girls were seeking treatment for FGM-related complications and no one was reporting these cases to police.

“That’s what they would normally do with any child abuse,” Dorkenoo said. “But they don’t do it with FGM because they continue to think it is just a cultural issue.”

She said it was too easy for clinicians to turn a blind eye, but they must now be held accountable. [read more...]

Read the full report here:

Tackling FGM in the UK: Intercollegiate recommendations for identifying, recording and reporting (pdf, 5.7MB)