The Debate About Prostitution (Huffington Post UK)

Octobre 5, 2013 - 13:45

10/5/2013 -- Huffington Post UK -- "The Debate About Prostitution Isn't a 'Legal Vs Illegal' Binary - We Can Find a Middle Way" Mary Honeyball, (MEP for London and Labour’s spokesperson for women in Europe) on the Nordic model, which legalises soliciting but criminalises prostitute use.

In recent weeks we've seen the tension between these two approaches played out between the United Nations - who favour legalisation on grounds of safety - and the women's charity Equality Now, who support the Nordic model. Equality Now describe decriminalisation as a "failed experiment" which has neither brought things above ground nor made them safer. Legalisation, they say, "has empowered buyers, pimps and traffickers".

I myself am unequivocally on the side of Equality Now and the Nordic model. I will be bringing out a report to this effect for the European Parliament's Gender Equality and Woman's Right Committee later this year. [read more...]