How Much Must Women Sacrifice to Serve? (HuffPo)

Novembre 12, 2012 - 16:45

11/12/2012 -- Huffington Post -- "How Much Must Women Sacrifice to Serve?" New York Office Director Lauren Hersh on sexual assault in the military.

"The last decade of war has taught Americans many lessons. One is that veterans' unseen wounds are too often life-destroying. Service members who stand up against a mighty bureaucracy to seek justice for victims of sexual assault deserve gratitude and support for their efforts to make the U.S. military a safer and stronger institution. We must take the lessons they have taught us and implement reforms that protect women who have paid an unacceptable price to serve their country. Legislation that honors their service and helps them heal from violence and betrayal would be a victory in which we can all take pride." -Lauren Hersh, New York Office Director, Equality Now