Kenya Leads Globally on Ending FGM, But Challenges Persist (Reuters)

2/4/2016 -- Reuters -- "Kenya Leads Globally on Ending FGM, But Challenges Persist"

Down to 11% for girls under 14 years may look like a big stride towards achieving an FGM-free Kenya, but one girl subjected to the cut is one too many. We cannot afford to lose momentum until all Kenyans can enjoy a future free from FGM. - Mary Wandia, Equality Now [read more...]

U.S. girls, women at risk of genital mutilation triples: study (Thomson Reuters)

1/14/2016 -- Thomson Reuters -- "U.S. girls, women at risk of genital mutilation triples: study"

This shows it's not just something that happens 'over there' but it's something that happens in this country," said Shelby Quast, Americas director for Equality Now, a global group that works to end female genital mutilation. [read more...]

FGM: reporting of cases among children becomes mandatory (Guardian)

10/20/2015 -- The Guardian -- "FGM: reporting of cases among children becomes mandatory"

Under the new law, health and social-care professionals and teachers in England and Wales will be obliged to report all cases of known FGM in under-18s, whether it is disclosed by the victim or seen by the professional.

Global: Don’t leave girls behind – UN SDGs MUST have GLOBAL indicators on female genital mutilation & ‘child marriage’

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2015 Oct 20

TAKE ACTION NOW! << Click on this link to send all letters below online.

What You Can Do: 

TAKE ACTION NOW! << Click on this link to send all letters below online.

Join Equality Now and our partners Safe Hands for Girls, The Girl Generation, Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices, and Global Woman PEACE Foundation in calling for SDGs with comprehensive global indicators on FGM and CEFM!

Letters should go to:

Mr. Stefan Schweinfest, Director
Statistics Division
United Nations
Room: DC2-1670
New York, NY 10017
Fax: +1 212/963 9851
E-mail:statistics@un.org; schweinfest@un.org

Ms. Francesca Perucci, Assistant Director
Statistics Division
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

John Pullinger CB
National Statistician, United Kingdom Statistics Authority
Chair of the United Nations Statistical Commission
Statistics House
Tredegar Park, Newport
NP10 8XG
United Kingdom
Fax: +44-1633-456179
Email: national.statistician@statistics.gsi.gov.uk


Dear […]

I was very pleased to  learn that the Inter-Agency Expert Group (IAEG) removed the restriction to measure FGM only in “relevant countries” in its report to the Statistical Commission.  Eliminating female genital mutilation and child marriage, globally, are crucial to sustainable development, gender equality and ensuring “that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives.”

Right now, more than 700 million women and girls are living with the damaging effects of FGM and CEFM and millions more are at risk of both as FGM is often an immediate pre-cursor to CEFM. Though often hidden, both human rights violations can be found in nearly every country in the world. Therefore, global indicators are critical to holding states accountable to achieving the commitments, as what gets measured gets done. If the FGM indicator is limited to only specific countries or eliminated completely, millions of women and girls will remain invisible and uncounted and continue to suffer as a result, relevant data on the on the agreed target won’t be collected and we won’t know if states are actually making progress or which interventions are most effective.

The SDGs will guide global development and funding until 2030. I respectfully request the UN Statistical Commission approve this IAEG recommendation so the General Assembly can formally adopt the global indicators for both FGM and CEFM in March 2016. Let’s not leave any girl or woman behind.

Thank you for your attention.


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