Discrimination in law

War Against Women: Laws that Discriminate (Al Jazeera America)

3/13/2015 -- Al Jazeera America -- "War Against Women: Laws that Discriminate"

VIDEO: Equality Now's Global Executive Director, Yasmeen Hassan, speaks on the devastating affects of laws that discriminate against women girls and what is behind the resistance to change. She also addresses governments' obligations to treat everyone as equals and the need for the United States to pass the International Violence Against Women Act.

Why legal equality for women and men is so important (Chime for Change)

3/12/2015 -- Chime for Change -- "Why legal equality for women and men is so important"

The law makes a critical difference. It is a statement of your worth as a citizen and influences the direction your life will take. We knew this 20 years ago in 1995 when we advocated for gender equality before the law at the Fourth World Conference in Beijing.

It can be tough being a woman. Meet Africa's most sexist laws (Mail & Guardian Africa)

2/24/2015 -- Mali & Guardian Africa -- "It can be tough being a woman. Meet Africa's most sexist laws"

In some countries, a wife is legally at the same level as a child, pupil or servant; a girl can be married off by her guardian and asked permission later; and legally, a husband can oppose his wife having a separate profession and oblige her to live in a residence chosen solely by him.

Malawi To Enact Law Banning Child Marriage (Thomson Reuters)

2/16/2015 -- Thomson Reuters -- "Malawi To Enact Law Banning Child Marriage" by Faiza Jama Mohamed, Nairobi Office Director, Equality Now

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